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Banana Diet. Reviews Banana Diet
Banana diet was developed by British nutritionist Jane Griffin. Diet is sufficiently effective, its duration is only three days, for which you can lose up to two and a half pounds overweight.

Bananas promote restoration of the gastric mucosa and in general a positive effect on the state of the gastrointestinal tract. Potassium contained in bananas helps to eliminate excess fluid from the body, it is also one of the reasons why this fruit is used for diet food. In addition, potassium is needed heart – it is important for the heart muscle.
The banana diet is fairly strict, so the first would be better to consult with your doctor. Effectiveness and usefulness for the health of the banana diet in ulcer disease, obesity, hypertension, and it does not prohibit even diabetes.
Cellulose, sugar, vitamins of groups B, C, E, PP, vitamin A, minerals – the source of all these useful substances are bananas. Due to the availability of bananas in a large number of natural sugars, the body quickly becomes saturated and the feeling of hunger disappears, and vitamin A good for the brain and nervous system, it relieves us from stress
Banana diet exists in two versions.
Banana diet 1# It is designed for 3-4 days. The day you should eat 3 bananas and drink 3 glasses of skim milk, divide these products at several stages. Milk you can substitute fat yogurt 1%. For variety you can cook banana shake, just beat the banana in a blender with milk or yogurt. During this diet you will lose about 3 kg of excess weight.
Banana diet 2# The second version of a diet designed for 3-7 days, it is more simple but no less effective. The day you can eat about 1.5 kg of peeled bananas. During the day, drink green tea without sugar, the number of cups of tea is not limited. With this option, the banana diet you will lose up to 1 kg of excess weight per day. During the week you can afford the 2 eggs to compensate for the lack of protein, which, though found in bananas, but in very small quantities.
Advantages banana diet
Banana – a very rich fruit. Two banana replace solid lunch, so when a low content of protein and fat, he appeases hunger.
Banana contains a large amount of vitamins C and E, not less than 1 / 4 the recommended daily dose of vitamin B6 and potassium, which benefit the heart, liver, brain, bones, teeth and most of all the muscles.
It is tasty and affordable: Banana – one of the few fruits that can be purchased at any time of year for a relatively small price.
Disadvantages banana diet
Bananas are hard to digest and intestines, so the most likely satellite banana diet – constant bloating, heartburn. If you suffer from such ailments constantly, from the banana weight loss better to refuse.
If after unloading a few days you will return to normal diet, dropped pounds can quickly return. So diet is more suitable for those who want a one-time effects – for a hike to the party, for example. To maintain the same form, you will either have to repeat the banana fasting once a week, or a little to restrict their eating habits.
Reviews Banana Diet
“I sat on bananas for 3 days. Only bananas. On the day of 6.8 units. Minus 3 kg. Checked!”
“liked, for three days -2.9 kg) I am happy”
“My friend was sitting on this diet and lost weight, but she drank milk instead of plain water and ate them on time ..”
“sit on the diet for 6 days, the result is minus 3 kg”


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