Asian Hairstyle 2012 New Trend

The Newest Trends of Hairstyles for Asian. Check out what is the new 2012 hairstyles trend that is happening in Asia. Great info and pictures consolidated from around Korea, Japan, China and other Asian countries.

New Trend Hairstyle: Trendy Pixie Short Haircut 2012
Short haircuts has already won a beauty war in year 2011, the trend of wearing short hairstyles like pixie haircut, boy haircuts and bob are continue to win the ladies heart in Asia in 2012. Many Korean, Japanese and Chinese actresses are wearing short hairstyles with many are apply new hair color ideas like purple highlight and burgundy red into this new year.
2nd Trend: Sexy Wavy Curly Long Hairstyles 2012
 This is never outdated hairstyle for Asian ladies - great wavy curl sexy long hairstyles is continuing its legend through 2012.

3rd Trend: Sexy Updos Hairstyles 2012
Semi formal updos hairstyles with some untidy curly hair strands which adds some sexy scores into the overall hairstyle. Great for prom night, red carpet events, party and hang out

4th Trend: Retro Hairstyles 2012
 The vintage trend is going to kick some ass still in 2012 with some truly classic 60's, 70's, and 80's design which wore by grannies but now crazy and love by many 21st century ladies.

5th Trend: The Return of Fringe & Bangs 2012
 The cute and sweet looking of fringe and bangs make its glamorous return into 2012 hairstyles trend.


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