Short Hairstyle 2012

Short Hairstyle always gives us the fresh feeling of who has it and it is easy to maintained. For our new trends of Hairstyle we will provide you with a few New trends of Short Hairstyle . Let's Check it out !

 This is a fashionable hairstyle which give the owner confidence and bravery. The hair is short around at the back and sides with the hair at front longer. The hair is brushed forward on the top and brought down as bangs at the forehead.
Hair Cut: The hair is cut short and in layers for this cut.
Hair Colour: This hair colour is platinum

 This hairstyle gives her sexy and glamorous appearance as her hair layered and styled to a short length. The hair is styled short at back, long at the sides and even longer at front. At top, the hair is brushed in crisscross patterns with long bangs coming down at the front of the face.
Hair Cut: For this haircut, the hair is short.
Hair Colour: This hair colour is a glossy chocolate brown. 

  This is a cute hairstyle as the hair is short all around. Some may call this the bowl trends haircut as it has been rounded. Starting from the front, thick bangs are styled across. At the sides, the hair is styled to come to a point in front of the ears. At the sides, the hair partly covers the ears with the hair at back, short.
Hair Cut: The hair is short.
Hair Colour: A rich, warm espresso brown with copper shimmer highlights

  This is a pixie hairstyle, the hair is styled really short at back and around the ears. On the forehead, bangs are styled long at front and curled outwards towards one side. This is a sexy and stylish look.
Hair Cut: This is a short haircut that has also been layered.
Hair Colour: The hair colour is blonde with a little pink highlight for an extra touch.

 For this hairstyle, the hair is straight and has been layered. This look is chic and cute. The hair has all been brushed forward so that it looks like long bangs at the front.
Hair Cut: This haircut is short with the ends, choppy cut.
Hair Colour: The hair colouring is brown with highlights of auburn. 

 I especially loves this fun and interesting, bob hairstyle. Her hair is straight and thin. The hair at back is shorter than at front and the sides. The fringe comes down long covering the eyes with the hair at the sides, coming down to a point.
Hair Cut: This hair cut is short.
Hair Colour: The hair colouring is a light golden blonde.

This blonde looks fantastic with this cute and funky, short hairstyle. The hair has been layered and has lots of volume on top. At the forehead, is a cool highlighted fringe. Isn't cool?
Hair Cut: The hair is cut short and layered.
Hair Colour: This hair colouring is blonde with purple highlights. 

 This redhead has short hairstyle that has been layered at the back and on the sides. At the front, a thick fringe is styled completely across just above eye level.
Hair Cut: For this hairstyle, this hair is cut short.
Hair Colour: The hair is a dark brown with reddish highlights

Well, Which hairstyle did you prefer ? I hope this will help. Thank you for visiting ^__^

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