New Hot Collection by Deepak Perwan

The collection is a perfect portrait feminine delicacy, from fashionably flowing frocks to traditional shararas, the assortment is sure to transform you from an ordinary girl down the street to a fashion diva of the contemporary age. The cuts, syles, fittings in the layout of dresses, and all the fantaies , Fashion designer Deepak Perwani used in his designs are awesome.

Deepak Perwani is one of the top leading Fashion designers of the Pakistani Fashion industry. Fashion designer Deepak Perwani always feels fun to play with different colors and ideas. This might be the reason that every time we find uniqueness in the designs of Fashion designer Deepak Perwani.

Recently Fashion designer Deepak Perwani has launched another colorful and exciting Fashion anthology. In this turn too, Fashion designer Deepak Perwani showcased his different successful experiments; with colors & designs. Fashion designer Deepak Perwani presented fresh range of designs in both soft and hot colors, in his “New Hot Collection”. In light range he designed fabric in blood red, purple, black, etc; and in the variety of dark colors, he created the peach, off-white, light mustard, white colors etc. Besides separately designs soft and hot colors, Fashion designer Deepak Perwani generated the designs with the combinations of different colors.

Sheep Summer Collection 2010

SHEEP is a ready to wear clothing outlet designed to cater to the modern day woman who values real quality over perceived value. SHEEP is established by iTextiles, a leading textiles trading company representing premium textile products in Pakistan from international companies including INVISTA, Celessence and others. Sheep Spring/summer collection 2010 breathes of quirky ambiance with pastel shades and flirty designs. Sheep Spring/summer collection beautifully captures the demure and sweet persona of a girlish heart that wants to woo the world with its coquettish laughter and naive innocent soul.

Showcased by fashion model, Amina Sheilkh, The collection’s delicacy is manifested in its carefully selected mélange of soft pastel shades, darker tones and pearl strips that never fail to overwhelm fashion conscious women of today.

Sheep Collection 2010 is a wonderful assortment of happy colors and chic designs with a blush of feminine touch available within the range of Rs.2300 to Rs. 6,000.

Fashion designer Mahid Khawer’s Collection

Fashion designer Mahid Khawer exhibits the Fashion launch that boosts the chic mania, in the style and Fashion world. Fashion shows or exhibitions have their own charm and importance in enhancing the Fashion move in the country. The latest fancy formal and Bridal prêt Collection of Mahid Khawer includes colors and a beautiful range of ideas in the world of Fashion designing. This collection by Mahid Khawer has opened the new door of concepts in the Bridal’s wear designing line.

This Fashion assortment of Mahid Khawer mostly displayed the ‘Lenghas’ in a different and unique way; with the amazing contrast of some dark & light colors, like red, mehroon, sea-green, white, pink, pistachio, skin etc.

This type of Fashion affairs & launches like the Fashion compilation of Mahid Khawer always grabs the attention of the Fashion lovers & followers through their dazzling designs.

Maria B Party Wear Collection 2010

Maria B (real name: Maria Butt) is a super top fashion designer in Pakistan. Maria B grew up in a Kashmiri household, both parents hailing from Kashmir. She was always interested in fashion. Her mother’s wardrobe was periodically ransacked by her and she remembers even cutting up a few of her moms outfits.

Maria says,” fashion was always second nature to me! I loved prints, fabric and style even before I could pronounce words and glamour always had a special place in my heart!”

Sublime Divine Collection by Sara

Designer Sara Shahid launched the Sublime fashion house in 2003 in Pakistan. At its core, the label believes in capturing the quintessence of feminism and natural beauty of a woman, with style with their signature focus on the being of a woman. Sublime’s aesthetic reflects a fusion of the east with the west, where the finest from the past is blended with the contemporary. The results are classic outfits with unassuming, understated glamour. Indeed the brand is already a five time nominee of Pakistan’s most coveted LUX Style Award in their prestigious Prêt a Porter category. The Sublime fashion house features six lines: ‘Sublime Sara’, the prêt line which includes eastern and western wear,’ Sublime Divine’, couture based and bridals, ‘Simply Sublime’, a ready to wear line with light and medium embellished tailored outfits with superior cuts, ‘Sublime.T’, a collaborative line of limited edition T shirts, the ‘Sublime Women Entrepreneur Project’, pieces handcrafted by women who possess skill, but lack the opportunity of being able to pursue a career beyond their homes. The sixth line is ‘Fab Sublime’, a limited edition of exclusive, screen printed chiffons and a ready to wear line from the same fabric. Seasonally, Sublime also introduces limited edition accessories which have previously included leather bags, belts and printed shawls.

The Sublime by Sara aesthetic believes in capturing the quintessence of feminism and the natural beauty of a woman, with style. The central focus is the being of a woman. The designs are a fuse of the east with the west, where the finest from the past is blended with the contemporary. The results are classic outfits with unassuming, understated glamour. An advocate of simplicity and minimalism, Sara particularly emphasizes on the color, tailored cut, comfort, drape and intricate embellishment of her outfits, which is manifest in Sublime Divine.

'Sublime Divine', is Sublime by Sara's haute couture line, hand-crafted with the finest embellishment in rich ethnic fabrics and traditional work. Sublime Divine finds its signature in intricate embroideries featuring exclusive Sublime motifs carefully crafted by hand and with the use of pure silks, jamawars and chiffon fabrics in rich hues of deep reds and royal navys to shades of fuchsia, magenta and turquoise. Weddings, bridals, trousseaus and gowns for all special occasions, this line carry a vibrant diversity of acclaimed couture designs, with an emphasis on cut and silhouette.